About Jo's

Jo’s journey has begun with the pursuit of the best banoffee – better ingredients, better craftsmanship, and better taste. His banoffee is what the brand has become known and loved for. What was once established as a banoffee institution under the name Jo’s Banoffee, is now known as Jo’s, showcasing special delicacies for all – for better morning coffee, afternoon delights, and weekend comfort.

Jo’s Culture

Jo’s and his hobbies. From calligraphy, collectibles, to collaborations, JO’S has extended beyond what we eat. It is about joy, pleasure, and surprise.

Jo's Culinary

Jo’s and his special delicacies. From honest range of pies to potted caramel, JO’S relentless passion to create embarks his fans on a journey to discover his endless list of wholesome creations.